Fighting Fair

What is the grief process

Right Now

  • Consider marriage and family a life-long commitment, no matter what, just as Christ is eternally committed to His bride, the church, no matter what.
  • Agree to listen to each other’s feelings, always, even if you disagree.
  • Commit yourself to honesty.
  • Attempt and be determined to love each other unconditionally.

Before a “fair fight”

  • Consider all factors in a conflict before bringing it up with your family member.
  • Confess any personal sin on your part.
  • Aim for conflict resolution, not for a win. Remember you both win if the conflict is resolved.
  • Pray about each conflict before discussing it.

During a “fair fight”

  • Limit the conflict to the here and now. Never bring up past failures.
  • Limit the discussion to the issue at hand.
  • No name calling or blaming or sneering.
  • Your goal is not to get even.
  • No excuses, take responsibility for your part.
  • Treat a person’s feelings with respect.
  • Identify the problem and focus on the problem not the person.
  • Attack the problem not the person.
  • Listen with an open mind.

When to stop and call Foul

If there are any of the following you need to stop:

  • Threats
  • Pushing
  • Hitting
  • Put downs
  • Bossing
  • Not taking responsibility

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