Welcome to Christian Counseling of Arkansas

Christian Counseling of Arkansas helps people resolve emotional, behavioral, and personal problems in an atmosphere of understanding, respect, and confidentiality. We emphasize acceptance of "where you are" and work with you to establish goals for a more healthy, productive and enjoyable life.

Christian Counseling of Arkansas is a private agency of professionally trained therapists who hold advanced professional degrees. We adhere to the standards of practice as regulated by state law, and are committed to providing services to individuals, couples and families. Our staff is composed of dedicated Christians who combine professional skills with a sensitive, Biblical approach.

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Offering Technology Assisted Counseling (Telehealth)

COVID-19: We know this is a stressful time for everyone. We will be offering Technology Assisted Counseling (Telehealth) if you are uncomfortable leaving your home. Most Insurances will cover this during this time. We are also available as usual in our office. We are very conscientious in cleaning our office (doorknobs and all) prior to your arrival and you are seated separately when waiting for your appointment. Please call us to schedule an appointment.