The Christian Counseling of Arkansas' Philosophy

No one is exempt from the pressures and problems of life. In many cases, this burden becomes so great that anyone can become stuck in painful and destructive life styles that lead to depression, anxiety and feelings of hopelessness. Compulsive addiction behaviors also occur as individuals attempt to postpone the pain and cope with these problems on their own. At these times, they need thoughtful and experienced Christian guidance from concerned professionals who understand.

Christian Counseling of Arkansas is committed to a Christian philosophy of counseling. We recognize God's role in the healing process and the tools He has afforded such as Scripture and prayer. We want it to be obvious to our patients that we are Christian and that we are providing help with Godly love and compassion in fostering each person's worth and dignity.

Our primary goal is to create a warm, integrative and non-threatening, therapeutic and Christian environment in which patients can work through and resolve conflicts with respect to their values, beliefs and behavior. We feel it is through this process that new hope for living, loving and relating can be achieved and new, more productive life options experienced.


Christian Counseling of Arkansas is committed to providing the best quality of Christian care for those individuals in all of our programs. We believe our commitment to clients is reinforced by our dedication to quality and our willingness to go beyond what is expected for everyone who depends on us for guidance and reassurance.

Quality care is achieved by continually evaluating our treatment programs and assessing client feedback. We will strive to always nurture growth in our organization and all our programs. It is through this process that our commitment to maintain the highest quality professional standards, both in Christian treatment and in personnel, will flourish and provide clients with therapeutic tools for a new life.

Laura Hodges, 2403 Ritter Drive, Jonesboro, AR 72401, 1-870-935-4102,

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