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teen depression

Teen Depression

Teen depression may look different in every child. If your teen is beginning to withdraw from life, experience problems at school or display negative behaviors how do you know if they are in emotional trouble or just typical teens?

Sometimes it is hard to tell typical teenage behavior from real warning signs. Listed below are important warning signs of teen depression to note:


  1. Irregular sleep patterns – This could be evident by irritability and mood swings or poor concentration.
  2. Poor Academic Performance – Look out for slipping grades or new lack of interest in doing their best.
  3. Poor grooming – If they stop brushing their teeth or taking showers it could be a change in your teen’s attitude about themselves.
  4. Moodiness to the extreme. The intensity and the severity of the mood is important to note. How much is it interfering with relationships and everyday life?
  5. Substance Abuse of any kind.
  6. Anger and Aggression – Anger is a secondary emotion, and they may be feeling devalued, unimportant, or inadequate but it’s coming out as anger.
  7. Self-isolation – If your teen is isolating or withdrawing there may be some depression or suicidal ideation.
  8. Extreme Anxiety or Worry. If it is out of proportion to the situation you may want to take it seriously.
  9. Excessive Secrecy – Some privacy is natural but if your teen is demanding too much privacy, they may be hiding something.
  10. No Contact with Friends – This could be an indication that they are struggling internally with something they don’t know how to express.

If your teen is exhibiting one or more of these symptoms, please seek immediate professional advice. We are here for you at Christian Counseling of Arkansas to help your teen navigate their issues and struggles and ensure that they are getting proper support they need from a Biblical World View


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